Monday, January 11, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Write a Post About Wrinkle Cream

But I am, doing just that.

There are cracks in the surface folks.

And I have declared war!

These marketeers are smart. You will not find "wrinkle cream" on the shelves. Oh no. Now it's called a "skin renewal agent".

Whatever. It's wrinkle cream.

There are hundreds of skin care products on the market. They all promise the same thing: younger looking skin. And from what I've been told on the morning talk shows, the cheaper brands are as good as the expensive ones.

Supposedly Sarah Jessica Parker uses this skin cream. She's in her 40's and appears to be holding up pretty well.

Advertising score.

While I was at it, I picked up some eye cream and deep wrinkle treatment.

I figured I would try to get a jump on the crow's feet. This particular cream says it battles under-eye fatigue.

I'm fatigued all over. It stands to reason that my under-eye area would be fatigued as well.

I got the deep wrinkle treatment for my forehead. It must be good. The label actually has the word "wrinkle" on it.

All the years of giving my students the "evil eye" and furrowing my brow have caught up with me. Darn kids.

I have only been "renewing my skin" for a couple of weeks. It's smoother to the touch. But I still have some furrows.

I'm being patient. I won't write a letter to SJP quite yet for false advertising.

Another sign I'm getting older? Foundation make-up. I remember my mom telling me that I didn't need to worry about wearing it until I became an old lady like her.

I guess I'm an old lady.

I like the fact that this does not feel heavy, greasy, or cakey. It does what it says: goes on smooth and blends perfectly. I'm much happier with my whole "made-up look" since adding this to the mix.

One last beauty note:

I am so down with my goth toes. I needed a fashion forward color to balance the whole wrinkle cream thing.

The Mr. isn't too sure about them. But I love it. I feel youthfully hardcore.

Now...lest you think I'm all girly-girl or something...

This is what a girly-girl looks like. In all her pink glory. Head to freakin' toe.

I never walk around looking like cotton candy.

I leave that to those not in need of wrinkle cream.