Monday, January 25, 2010

I Dig This...

A few of my current obsessions:

*Turning off the television.

The Mr. brought home a SoundDock for the iPod. I *love* it. I so enjoy listening to music while I work in the kitchen or sit and crochet or fold laundry or lose myself in Blog Land.

It actually makes me feel cooler and smarter.

And I find that my family converses more. Not just chit-chat, but actual conversations. It's nice. Real nice.

*Downloading music.

Listening to more music means I want more new music. I got the latest tunes from this band, this band, and this duo.

All good and wonderful.

*The Genius feature on my iPod.

I know a lot of people think it sucks. I happen to like it. It saves me the trouble of making a mix and often slips in songs that I wouldn't have thought to add.

Me like.

*The Avett Brothers on Austin City Limits.

The good Lord blessed those boys with heaps of talent.

And they are cute. The boy that's front and center...that's Scott. He's mine. Tammie, I'm bumping someone off The List and adding him. *wink*

*Camera apps on my phone.

My camera is still in the shop. I have been forced to use a craptastically ancient point and shoot or the camera on my iPhone.

The iPhone has a pretty good camera. But I'm spoiled. To my eye, all my shots looked like they were taken with my phone. So I did a bit of research and downloaded some camera apps that add some nice effects.

The filters make everything look all artsy. I'll play along for a few more days.

*This picture.

I took it for my friend Chach. That picture is all him. He's from Texas. And he loves Lone Star. He also has mad photography skillz and gives pointers along with encouragement from time to time.

It also reminds me of college days. The days of driving around, listening to loud music, drinking cheap beer, bumming smokes, and feeling so free and invincible.

I've been trying to recapture that feeling.

*This corner of my house.

It's in the living room. This particular picture makes it look authentically vintage. At least through my eyes. I love the colors, the light, the shadows.

Yes. My favorite corner.

*Our newest house guest.

He hangs out in our dining room.

I think he might have had a buddy. Or he's a sneaky little devil. I found another lizard about a week ago and put him outside only to find this one over the weekend.

He's cool. He just chills on the curtains. I'm down with co-existence.

I dig all this stuff. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen, jammin' old school.