Monday, April 20, 2009

Blissful Weekend

I haven't had a weekend like this in a very long time. A weekend with no real agenda. A weekend just "to be". It was like chocolate cake...decadent...decadent in nothingness.

Friday was Sewingpalooza with Lia. Girl-time. I am not one that needs a lot of girl-time. Throughout my life my best friends have always been guys. I have a hard time finding girls that I "fit" with. I fit with Lia. She accepts me as is. She is low-maintenance...and I mean that as a huge compliment. I love her. She is tops.

I finished my projects: two iPod cases for a friend who just so happens to be The Boy's teacher at school. They were small achievements, but turned out nice. They were well received...and isn't that the point?

My children let me sleep in on Saturday...and after the wine from the night before I needed extra z's. It was the perfect day to stay inside. Cloudy and dark. It rained...a lot. I spent the day on the computer...yes, pretty much all day. I never do that! But I did. A person can really get lost in Facebook if they aren't careful.

The Offspring played in the rain. I told them to get their suits on and do it right...and boy did they! How many years can you splash outside in the rain while wearing your bathing suit and not get carted away? Enjoy it while you can kids.

I had to do a little work on Sunday...but it was done while listening to new music. Some old favorites...some recent discoveries. It was nice to strip the beds while listening to old Lenny Kravitz and Elliott Smith. And my newest obsession: The Avett Brothers. A friend suggested them. Simply put, get their their latest release, Emotionalism. I can't say enough about it.

I don't get many weekends like this one. I used to take them for granted, discouraged by the boredom. My, how things change.