Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's Goin' On In The Girl's Room?

I got myself in gear yesterday and rearranged The Girl's room.

There were only so many ways I could place things. I didn't want to put her bed against the wall (like it was) because I didn't think it would be good for the quilt to rub up against the wall. She only has a couple of outlets so her dresser couldn't move too far. The stainless table is what we used as a changing table when the kids were in diapers. At one time it was an examination table in a vet's office. I love that table and eventually want to put it in a sewing studio. Until that day comes, The Girl can use it for extra drawer space and the metal tubs can house her books and costumes. The rocker was where I sat to nurse her back in the day. Although it is somewhat neglected now, I have visions of her sitting there rocking her baby dolls or reading a book. The smaller stainless table was also salvaged from a medical office.

You can see the pillows that I made to go with the quilt. I made a regular pillowcase out of the cowgirl print. The two square pillows were made with extra fabric strips used in the quilt top and bandanna backings. The rectangular pillow is made from a light weight denim. I appliqued cowgirl print pieces on the front and added some jumbo rickrack as border. Everything blended really well with what we already had from her nursery. It just looks a little more "grown up". And even though the "growing up part" makes me a little sentimental, I figure that if it's inevitable it should at least be cute.

So, both big projects are done. But can you believe that I added one more to the list? Details coming.