Monday, March 23, 2009

Special Delivery!

My books have finally arrived! Inspiration on my doorstep is a wonderful thing. I have been working on the quilt so I haven't been able to really dig in to these. What I have seen while thumbing through is all positive. There are some great tasks for all skill levels included in each of these books.

Check out the interview with Heather Ross over at House On Hill Road. Erin is sharing some great insights and modifications for projects that she has completed from Weekend Sewing. I am ready to tackle the All-Weekend Sundress (for me) and the Smocked Sundress (for Nora).

The quilts shown in Material Obsession are just beautiful. They range from very basic and easy to assemble to more intricate and advanced. Lucky me: the simplest quilt just so happens to be my favorite. I am sure that one of these will make its way onto my summer crafting list.

Sew What! BAGS follows in the footsteps of the other books from the Sew What! series. Again, the projects range from basic to more advanced. There are some definite gift possibilities in this gem.

Check them out. They would be a welcome addition to your craft library.