Monday, March 16, 2009


I am Mom to a wily boy
and a spun-sugar girl.

I am Wife to my best friend.
We have a loyal,
albeit smelly dog.

I mold young
Kindergarten minds...
and no, I do not wear
a "kitty-cat vest".

I sew.
I crochet.
I want to learn needlework.
I am learning photography.
I want to work-out again...
I need a few more
hours in my day.

I cook a lot.
I am a healthy eater,
but ketchup is still
my f
avorite food.
Diet Dr. Pepper
is a close second.

I adore basketball.
The Spurs are "my boys".

I cheer for the Longhorns.
Me and my Pops
talk ball every day.

I live in a 1950's
ranch house...
which I covet.

It is a house filled with
many vintage-y things.

Orange and green
e my colors.
My style could be described
as retro-bohemian-chic...
whatever that mean
I am "old school".
I have it pr
etty good
re on Planet Earth.
Feel free to look through
this wi
ndow into my world.