Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's Rock

It's done. And I love it. It is a great feeling to love something that you have created. And I do love this. All of the colors are my favorites, it's not too big, not too small, not too heavy, not too light. It blows doors on a Snuggie.

I used the same design concept as I did for The Girl's quilt. However, I made the "bars" narrower and chose to have them vertical versus horizontal. The top is made from fat quarters. The back is a muslin that looks like linen. The muslin was a little course but became very soft after being washed. I really like the back. I think that it made the quilt look "handcrafted with a modern edge".

I did my usual wavy-line quilting. Why? I can't sew a straight enough line for my picky self. I choose not to torture myself and do wavy lines. It breaks up the straight edges of the rectangular design as well.

I did not pre-wash the material. I was a little nervous, but decided to roll the dice. I wanted it to have a really aged look. Luckily, it did not bleed and became so soft and wrinkled. All the qualities that make a quilt cool.

Tonight I think I will curl up in my chair with a new quilt and enjoy some quality rocking time.