Thursday, October 14, 2010

My focus...

Or lack thereof.

*I finished the last Harry Potter book a couple days ago.

I've read all seven back to back. I don't know what to read next. I've been lost in a wizard's world for so long...

I've decided I need to read something exceptionally mediocre. Sort of like eating pickled ginger after sushi. I need a book to cleanse my palate.

*We are planning our first family camping trip.

I credit The Boy with prodding us to become one with nature. I applaud his enthusiasm, but have already had to explain to him that we would not be eating grubs, lizards, or snakes while roughing it.

Even The Girl has jumped on board. It's amazing how a new pair of hiking boots (with pink accents, no doubt) can sway one's attitude. However, we had to draw the line at getting Teddy his own pair.

*I'm growing out my hair. Again.

It's at that in-between stage, and it looks like it's growing out. It's driving me mad.

I've resorted to wearing my sunglasses on my head all day to keep it out of my face. Yeah, I'm a fashion plate.

Luckily, my hair grows fast.

*The Offspring have their Halloween costumes.

The Boy's choice was not shocking whatsoever.

The Girl continues to make me scratch my head.

That's all I'm saying about this matter...for now.

*The Mr. will soon be attending his first UT game. In Austin.

He has no idea what's in store.

In addition, we will be going with my Pops and my uncle. I've tried to prepare him for the onslaught of rabid fanfare he will witness.

It doesn't matter that our season is over. Texas fans cheer to the bloody end.

*I want my bathroom to be re-grouted.

Or, I think that's what I want.

My home was built in '53. It still has the original tile, which is awesome, but the grout never looks clean.

And there's a lot of it. Tile is on the floor, around the sink, halfway up the walls, and in the bathtub area.

I've scrubbed, sprayed, bleached. I've tried to tell myself it has "vintage charm".

If you ever see a picture taken in my bathroom, please know that we are clean people. We just have grout with an aged patina.

*Some weeks I have so much to write about that I could post seven days straight.

I'm not having one of those weeks. I didn't have one last week either.

The Offspring need to get busy and give me some "material" to work with. Kids are good for that when it comes to Facebook updates and blog posts.

*Speaking of Facebook updates and child-shenanigans...

The Girl painted her doll house. With nail polish.

Bright pink sparkle nail polish.

She paid extra close attention to the bathroom floor and the toilet. She must be having bathroom angst as well.

My house still smells like a cheap nail salon, but I'm happy to report that the hardwoods and her quilt were unscathed. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been so lucky.

*The Boy has started using "man soap".

He got a new bottle of the liquid variety on Sunday. It's only Thursday and it's 3/4 of the way gone.

When asked, he said that he really stinks so more soap was necessary. I also discovered that he's been washing his hair with the same soap.

This explains the abundance of "purifying grains" left in the tub and the odd texture of his hair.

*I haven't seen Lia in months.

I miss her.

*Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas.

'Nuff said.

*I want Mandy to help plan my garden for next season.

I want to do it right. I need someone to hold my hand.

*I have an abundance of creative ideas.

This might sound like a good thing, but for me...not so much. I don't do well with "abundance". I tend to shutdown.

Especially when I'm short on time: The weekends have been busy. The weeknights even busier.

*If you have read this far, then you can see my lack of focus.